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Modified: 27/01/2007 10:08 by sparti.
Welcome to 'Open Source Scripting' group (Second Life) wiki!

Coming soon a selection of OpenSource scripts with quality control (provided by your testing and feedback).

If you would like to be a contributor to this wiki then please go ahead and create an account.

PLEASE NOTE.. suggest that all script blocks are surrounded by

{{{{<nowiki> ... </nowiki>}}}}

to get nice formatting without the wiki messing up LSL things like (thanks Shine for spotting that!). See the Help section linked above the icon bar for full details of wiki markup.

Most of the scripts here can be found in working, free or cheap (L$1) objects in Chessport, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chessport/35.537971/40.292637/36.355598/?title=Chessport, near the telehub.

I haven't decided how best to organise this wiki... but I think that it will just happen, with a bit of luck and several reorganisations. If you have any ideas then jot them down on the OrganisationOfTheWiki page.

If you need instructions on how to edit a page, include links etc. then please see http://www.screwturn.eu/PageEditing.ashx If you add a page then please give it a plain name - it helps make pages which link to it easy to read. For example [General tips] is preferred to [generaltipsscript].

sparti's General tips about scripting for Second Life.

Currently available OpenSource projects

Rants and personal views


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